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Welcome to Lou Coletta Lofts

Breeding excellence for over 50 years!
Home to Gaby Vandenbeeles and My Hoosier Family!
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Lou Coletta Loft's has successfully bred Champion Birds for over 50 Years.


Recently this past year we where Equal 1st - 6th and 90th place in the Hoosier Classic One Loft Race, winning over $40.000. The year before, again in the Hoosier Classic One Loft Race, Lou Coletta Lofts was again Equal 1st. and Equal 3rd, again winning close to $30.000!

Over the past few decades, I have been known for my infamous and winning Husken Van Reil family in combination with my Grondelears and Super 73's. This family for decades won me legendary status in the sport of racing pigeons.


Today, sometime after a complete sellout and winning recently big in the Hoosier Classic One Loft Race, I have decided to come back to the pigeon sport. Based on these recent winners, I am building a new family of birds that combines Coletta's bloodlines and the world famous Gabby birds. Most recently at Gabby's complete sellout, I was fortunate to acquire some of his top birds, for example; Lizzy and Pia.  This new family, which is already proven, is developed to compete with some of the biggest names in the sport to win the biggest One Loft Races in the country and the world.


In the past my birds have won in multiple years in the SAMDR; 8th. 10th. and 11th, while only sending a 3 bird Team. I have been awarded the

AU MASTER BREEDER AWKWARD 5 times, so far that record has not been surpassed.


So, if you are looking for some new winning blood, please contact me and lets chat!


Lou Coletta

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